Is your online credit card system secure?


Yes. Google Wallet is encrypted, confidential, and secure. For your security, Braided Bliss Does not store credit card information.

How can we get a receipt?

Google Wallet generates receipts automatically after payment. Use the print feature from within your browser to print as many copies as you need.

If paying over the phone, receipts will be emailed or texted immediately after payment. Your preference will obtained during checkout. 

Can we pay by Credit Card over the phone?

Sure. However, please keep in mind that we are able to keep our prices low by keeping our overhead low. Therefore, we have streamlined the secure online order process to involve as few costs/personnel as possible.

If you still wish to pay by credit card over the phone, contact a representative at (813) 364-HAIR(4247) to provide your Credit Card information.



Question: What does your Braided Bliss’ 16 hour braid class include?

    *16 hours of training, required by Florida State Law to receive your Hair Braiding License
        Course Description:

            This course is designed to provide 16-hours of instruction in the following areas to become certified in                     
             hair braiding.  
                *5 Hours: HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.
                *5 Hours: Sanitation and Sterilization.
                *4 Hours: Disorders and Diseases of the scalp.
                *2 Hours: Laws and rules of the State of Florida Department of Business  and Professional  
                     Regulation, which affect the governing practices of  hair braiding.

    *Marketing Guides to Kick Start your new business

    * Basic How To Quick Guides for Cornrows (With and Without Extensions), Locks, and Plaits.

Question: Can I work in a salon or my home without a license?

     Answer: No, you must have your license, if not, you can be fined for operating without a license.
You  must
     have a license from cosmetology state board in order to practice. You can visit:
Question: Can I do relaxers, perms, colors with my hair braiding license?

    Answer: No, you will need a cosmetology license. That’s 1200 hours of school in     the state of Florida.

Question: Why do I need to learn about Sanitation, Disorders & Diseases of the scalp, and HIV/AIDS ?

    Answer: Infection control, and a healthy scalp and hair are the most IMPORTANT  part of braiding a client’s  

Question: I don’t live in the Tampa Bay Area, would I have to travel from Miami, Tallahassee, Orlando, etc to take the course?

    Answer: No, we offer the convenience of taking the course online or via mail correspondence.